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  1. Your app was top notch but I believe you are not ready to have that position. -1
  2. If you can't take someone calling you a retard then you must have a soft heart. Someone calling you a retard is not something to make a post about MAN UP!
  3. Make a dumbass rhyme and leave it in your reply! I may be white, but I still play dwight on Dead by Daylight!! (my bad if saying i'm white offended anyone this is just a joke)
  4. I can't let you leave,stay with me!!!
  5. Here is my dank bork
  6. I'm gonna be 100% with this, I am concerned about the purge server. I got on today seeing everyone RDM and staff not doing a fucking thing. I walked down the street to find prop spam, prop climb and everyone having 100+ ping. 1st suggestion change the player limit back to 50. Ever since the server has upped it's player limit the server has been constantly lagging of course when there are over 50+ players.The server is becoming unplayable in these conditions and I suggest we fix it. 2nd suggestion That we be even more strict against abuse, I know you can't afford to lose any staff right now but what's the point of there BEING staff if they dont do there job. Staff taking reports is like there golden ticket in getting promoted and now that staff got there admin promotion they slack off like they dont have to do anything. Remember you you dont choose to take reports you always take them! Now I get it if you a manager you dont take reports unless your the only staff on, your job as a manager/head admin is to make sure no staff abuse from what I know.I'm gonna end this suggestion off. Hope you can take this into consideration STAFF
  7. Zoni this was not all on you, my bad for taking it all on you.
  8. I can't inforce the rule's anymore but I do advise you follow them. Doing that will get you farther
  9. I can agree this would be a easy fix as a in game punishment. Btw not cool zoni that shits fucked up
  10. You can't punish video proof.
  11. Jayden I believe you are taking this a little far. Racism is a counted in these three rules and a punishment such as first a warn, second a kick, third a ban for however long, and each time he comes back and starts being racist just ban him for a longer amount of time. Rule 4 of General rules : Respect Everyone. Rule 5 of General Rules : If someone if offended by something, value their opinion and stop what you were doing. Rule 6 of General Rules : Do not antagonize other players for your own entertainment. Problem solved!
  12. I't does not harm me in anyway think's for being concerned!
  13. Heyo SPD I really wanted to talk about this and I'm gonna get it out now. Back when I was 14 I had Strep Throat back to back twice after this was over the doctors confirmed that I had rheumatic fever. When this happens it forms something called Sydenham's chroea. If you dont know what Sydenham's chroea is it is historically referred to as Saint Vitus Dance and is a disorder characterized by rapid,uncoordinated jerking movements primarily affecting the face,hands, and feet (It affected all of me sadly). They said "It will be gone in 2years max" but it lasted for 4 years in my case. It's gone today but I want to know if you have any rare disease's. Put it in your reply if you have one!
  14. Over the year of me being apart of SPD I have grown friends and enemies, some have left, some are still apart of SPD. Some that come to mind are Topramen and Allen these are year old players that dont play anymore. I have grown a lot of good friends such as @Dillagaf,@Campskullz321,@Markus,@RoyalWT.Sadly I have grown a state of depression and SPD is helping me get out of it I as of right now have not harmed myself and I hope that I dont plan on it. I hope that none of you are in depression and get help fast! We dont need you to die, people do love you dont think otherwise well I guess the moral of the story is Friends are family and people do love you Sorry that I had to go on a sad note today I was feeling sad
  15. I did not get demoted for school xD