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  1. Lmao I remember the day you got banned, funniest shit ever
  2. You had hours before reset, your a cool person in game willing to give you a shot +1
  3. Don't advertise, but go to footlocker.com for all your free popular movies!!
  4. When I see bison on top of the PD mowing everyone down
  5. Rest in rape eh?
  6. I believe a LOA for this is necessary but I do not want you to go
  7. Good luck with school
  8. -1 I mean you helped me out but you can't just write a small application over100 words, over 50 words please try harder next time .
  9. I can't remember how many people I've had to get demoted as a head admin this is something every new coming staff member should see! maybe a bit more detailed. Possibly a guide on what not to do as a staff member
  10. Royal, gone? Surprisingly you were a very good staff member and to see you resign is something I didn't think I would see. See you soon my good ol, friend, I hope we have are life talks again another day ;-;
  11. People telling me I'm a hazard copy
  12. -1 I feel I will need to see you on the server a bit more before I can make this a +1
  13. I'm triggered man
  15. Didn't you just make a post on how you hate the server and think it should be shut down?