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  1. Cheers buddy. Goodluck with work and get the girls hahaha. Like you always do
  2. ++++++++1 Larry we dont have a hero but you're the hero we deserve. You could possibly be one of the best admins ive worked with. Now thats going to happen again. Cant wait to see you on the server buddy for more silliness and memes
  3. Yeah you need to be 15 sorry man. Maybe on your birthday you can become staff ^^
  4. Im on the second last one to the left lol
  5. Im having cable issues atm and the timezone differences doesnt help. Im on the forums everyday if you havent noticed. Im trying my best in this situation so please be patient
  6. Have a snikkers zoni you look depressed. Ive been on. Ive been on the most. I have the highest amount of hours on the server after top ramen, so dont tell me that im inactive :P. Also stop being cancer
  7. -1 Very generic and you just kept saying you knowing the rules. What else can you offer? Having your own server is great and all but it doesnt mean you know all the commands. .redo your application
  8. +1 Willing to over look word count
  9. -1 Zzzzz Dribble dribble I was never here
  10. That is the typical norm of any server. Its just that when its a large population server the effects dont really affect everyone but when only about 10 to 20 people are on a minge can really ruin the experiences of a player
  11. Welcome back. Glad you're getting a new start
  12. Sigh i have to agree
  13. +1 We need mature staff to make spd purge great again
  14. -1 Not enough hours.. need 48 Not old enough .... need to be 15