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  1. Staff check for purge


    Im just going to leave now XD
  3. Pingo's Resignation

    I will still get on, dont worry haha :3 ,its just that i will be inactive for a bit due to the fact that university eats up all my time :/. Thank you guys for the heart warming responses <3
  4. dilgaf and camp promoted me to manager a month ago, but i hadnt received my rank on the server nor the forums. I felt so helpless. Its a problem
  5. Pingo's Resignation

    Where to start where to start Joining the server was an interesting one. It was late at night and I was bored as hell, so I scrolled down and joined the purge server. I got tired of darkrp.. it got cheesy and stupid after a while ( who does that shit anymore?! ) so i wanted to spice it up a bit. Build yourself up. Build your defenses and stop the swarms of raiders knocking at your door. It was amazing. for 12 minutes of constant fire, death and glory... it was over. Blood everywhere and the amount of salt being thrown around made the ocean seem clean but it was disgustingly beautiful. Round after round, attacking, defending, camping... it was fun. There were highs and lows, as to be expected with any community but this one stood out. I remember old staff, Thenippleoftruth, Topramen, Willmenkenzy ect. They were wonderful people that showed what running a server looked like. Being harsh shits but interacting with the player base.I knew the old manager who went by freddy... a demon child who nuked the server once with a davy crocket(funny as f***) and funny enough i also knew Jon Snow before he got staff, then mod, then admin, then manager. He unfortunately left with a bad taste to the community. Destroying the server and the player base in the process. It was a terrible sight. When the server reset, only three staff members remained. Campskulls, spageddie and myself. We had to redo the applications of old staff and new. We spent a few hours talking about people we would want back. After awhile the server got back to its normal self, with staff coming and going. I was promoted to head admin and had the hard task of demoting and disciplining staff. I made enemies but that comes with the job. I was respected by my fellow admins and the player base for being a just and fair Head Admin. People knew that the nothing would get past me. Almost every day to second day, I would receive messages about minge, propspammers, Nlr and rule breakers, I dealt with them accordingly. Ive helped people who have gone through depression and wanted to commit suicide. Im glad that they have made the right choice to live and that i was part of that healing process. I've given advice and chatted with many players, in and out of the game. Joining them on other games or servers. One time i helped a kid do maths homework whilest in game (hahaha).The reason for me leaving is due to the fact that i work part time and Studying Full time at University. It is very difficult to balance my time and still do reports and assignments. I need to focus on my science degree. Now importantly, my current staff team, Larry, wolf, Nanodragon, northern, Jay, Angry kev, Texas, markus (i know he left but still) and anyone else who I forgot... THANK YOU .. You guys have been awesome! You guys have been the lungs of this server. The respect and commitment towards me has been extraordinary. I appreciate it. Thanks guys for making my life easier and deal with problems together as a team. Keep going strong guys! So its time to say goodbye to an old chapter of my life and now a new one is beginning. Its been a good run guys but my race is finished. (I put this in general discussion as I am unable to put it under purge resignations.. )
  6. haymaker72's Moderator Application

    -1 As stated above by larry
  7. Garrus Vakarian's Moderator Application

    +1 Active and ive seen him on. Good payer.
  8. Being a lone mod (How it feels)

    Nah. Saying that he's not alone
  9. Being a lone mod (How it feels)

    Hahha larry thats child's play sometimes when i get on and camp is afk in the corner for the last 2 hours. I have to deal with 3x if not 4x that amount lol
  10. haymaker72's Moderator Application

    -1 App was VERY generic. It felt you copied and pasted the same thing over and over. I would have +1 but this app was writen very bad
  11. My overdue resignation

    Cheers buddy. Goodluck with work and get the girls hahaha. Like you always do
  12. Larry's Moderator Application

    ++++++++1 Larry we dont have a hero but you're the hero we deserve. You could possibly be one of the best admins ive worked with. Now thats going to happen again. Cant wait to see you on the server buddy for more silliness and memes
  13. Dragonflake123's Moderator Application

    Yeah you need to be 15 sorry man. Maybe on your birthday you can become staff ^^

    Im on the second last one to the left lol

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