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  1. borker the sweps coding for the rang was all sorts of fucked up on the server then the sweps coding got fucked up and now its broken so all that needs to be fixed is the coding but for one man is kinda hard to do
  2. bibby dont be a smart ass about my typeing skills on the phone and i has wifi back
  3. Well I have to wfi idk when I'll be back on
  4. lol gg haz i love it
  5. Purge ppl plz don't reply to scp applications abd jessa you hav to be staff to reply to apps unless it's a manager app
  6. this is a purge app please post it in the purge applications
  7. you will be missed
  8. i second this ray
  10. ppl wont turn them on cuz they keep breaking
  11. tundra we no longer do +1 and -1 for scp staff apps but we still do it for manager apps thoe
  12. Denied reapply when you have 48 hours