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  1. that is true but its very useful if you know some one who is willing to help "take care" of some one for you
  2. yep thats what my laptop did
  3. i may not be on for a few days
  4. dont worry mekeke iv been there before it sucks
  5. the thing is theres a lot of them to be made so it will take time
  6. this was one good meeting i hope there's more in the future
  7. well this is kinda cool
  8. I agree
  9. ok guys the neutral votes on applications needs to stop if you dont have a opinion or haven't made up your mind on what to vote just dont vote until you have made up your mind so please take this into consideration
  10. ok
  11. until

    ill make it
  12. dont feel old iv played a game one the first day it game out to when it died
  13. So true
  14. Lol well when did Luke go missing