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  1. screw you i had to use a radio as one when there was a bar
  2. tbh i think they should add more of the comic props like the crash register for shops
  3. that is true
  4. -1 nope you do not meet the requirements so many nopes just on looking at it
  5. (warns i didn't remember i said i would put them here ) FRP- punching other class ds (i dont remember getting this one} RDM Revenge rdm (<--- old one)
  6. oh if the prop minge gets worse from the play that was banned and didn't learn the ban would get worse
  7. scps can fight back against customes if the scp is hit first that's what i go by
  8. IRL and Steam Information] Your Name: bobby Your In-Game Name: [O5-1] Clone Your Age: 15 Your SteamID: Your Country: USA Your Time Zone: mountain time Do you have a microphone? Yes Do you agree to be on Teamspeak? Yes i'm always on [Information Regarding to GMod] How long have you been playing on our server (in hours)? 353.6 How long have you played Garry's Mod (steam hours)? over 3000 List any Garry's Mod servers on which you have previously served as staff: SPD SCP-RP mod admin and manager Have you ever been banned from a server? no If you have been banned, what was it for? [Information About You Applying] What is your reason for applying (100 words)? from what iv seen after resigning the staff team still needs a bit of help so i intend to come back and help out more. After my first night as a regular old player I felt a bit helpless and i can try and be on late and take care of the server and help in any sits with new staff members if they need help. If i'm accepted i will be on duty a lot more often than last time and take a lot more sits. When i get on i some times would stay as class d and keep an eye on all of them and if any mtf or scps go in. What makes you more qualified than other applicants (50 words)? What makes me more qualified that other applicants is that i have experience as staff on this server and i'm am more calm but can be strict when needed to. I can stay on for long times depending on the day and week. I can be more active Every now and again but once the summer is over my activity may decrease What are some of your strong points of being an administration? I know the commands i check logs when needed and i have the staff handbook and i can always check the console when i can't find it in the logs Make a list of all warnings you have within the server. FRP raiding gangster leader as gangster frp punching w/o raping (was a false warn) and 3 more i cant remember ill post them in the comments when i can Other Comments: i was talked into coming back to help
  9. have fun iris
  10. the rank would mainly be for players that the staff trust and they can only use it when there are no staff on
  11. i was thinking that spd should add a trusted rank that only players that are known and trusted by staff can have the rank the perks that the rank would give you is ether vote kick or kick