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  1. SPDs low player income

    new classes will come in th update
  2. SPDs low player income

    nice pic
  3. SPDs low player income

  4. SPDs low player income

    its from school and other things
  5. [IRL and Steam Information] Your Name: bobby Your In-Game Name: [O5-1] Clone Your Age: 16 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:100815369 Your Country: united states of america Your Time Zone: mountain Do you have a microphone? Yes Do you agree to be on Teamspeak? Yes [Information Regarding to GMod] How long have you been playing on our server (in hours)? 353.6 How long have you played Garry's Mod (steam hours)? 1300 List any Garry's Mod servers on which you have previously served as staff: manager on here and head admin on a halo rp server Have you ever been banned from a server? No If you have been banned, what was it for? Never been banned [Information About You Applying] What is your reason for applying (100 words)? I feel like i should come back and help the staff team again after i saw bison and shush leave something clicked and said i should reapply. I am also apply so i can help the staff team more and so i can stop rule breakers once again. I am also apply so i can help other players if they need any help and to help other staff members if they need it as well. I can keep and eye on players that keep breaking rules right after they get warned. I also want to apply so i can help with reports when they get cluttered. What makes you more qualified than other applicants (50 words)? I am more Qualified than other applicants because i have more experience that other i have used the commands and i am able to keep my cool when in a tight problem. when someone needs help i can respond to it quickly and help them i can also stop a rule breaker when i see them What are some of your strong points of being an administration? i can keep my cool when doing a sit i can be on if im needed. Make a list of all warnings you have within the server. I have no warnings Other Comments: love you guys
  6. Bison

    sucks to see you go bison
  7. SHUSH

    i will miss you shush
  8. My time has come

    Well I'm resigning to help with another server I will be here every now and then
  9. My Ban/Warn List

    nimble there are a few banns that i want to do
  10. Why purge is dead

    dude purge has been locked you might want to read the purge is dead announcement that bc made
  11. Permaban me from the forums and the SPD server

    Well damn you will be missed honor sucks to see u leave
  12. Here's the video

    damn and i want your laptop
  13. Welp, This is goodbye, I suppose.

    you will be missed dilly
  14. Sylveon's Manager Attempt

    ty the only managers rn are you and shadow im an admin now
  15. clone


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