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  1. That is a good combo
  2. Who would crash the server to get their custom faster..... Crashing/attempting to crash the server is a perma ban even if they wanted to get it faster this was a stupid way of doing it....should've waited but oops patients is lacking riparoni lost your pepperoni.
  3. Change your name to Trump DiCaprio
  4. Me myself and my weiner have been through this since birth i inspire myself
  5. I think that deadpool 2 will be a extremely amazing film. Im very excited for this film and i think many people will enjoy it and it will be a good success. Im a big fan of deadpool mostly because of the comics and im glad Ryan Reynolds fought for years to get the first one out (yes literal years) I wanna see what kind of mutants are in this film since that is always great. If you are excited for anything specific in this film please share your thoughts
  6. Yeaah no taxation without representation
  7. Titter
  8. Hitler
  9. Baaaae
  10. Lmmmmaaao
  11. The movie logan was extremely sad and made my hurt feel extremely uncomfortable This movie was a solid 500000/10 This movie made me re watch every movie with the young wolverine and idk how they hugh jackman look so old. (if i had to go gay for someone it would be either hugh jackman or ryan Reynolds) Please share your thoughts if youve seen this film. Might be spoilers on this post obv.
  12. Tyrelius always with the spicy ideas
  13. *cough* i didnt resign because i wanted to aboose *cough* this post does no associate with royal *cough*
  14. @AviatorNate 00/\//\÷*&÷&!.$£@;!*×;!;!