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  1. I'll tell you what I find cool! I find you cool Markus <3
  2. oh boy...
  3. verbal warnings are not given off time or how new a player is. verbal warnings should be given if you feel the player has learned the rule they broke and will no longer break it. this such language spoken by blue does not sound like them but if it was i hope they apologize for such rude behavior against players. on my behalf i would like to say sorry that you had to be a victim of such treatment on our server. please forgive us. Royal xoxoxo
  4. we have known this for a very long time. i advise not using 106's pocket dimension
  5. Larry it is ok ill always be with you! i am one with the force now! and the force is in all living things and such and such dont fall to the dark side yada yada idk <3
  6. MY gmod is acting up ima slap it around a few times till it works.... my computer may need more baby hands to run gmod idk but yeah ill try to get back as soon as i can
  7. This meeting covered a lot of dank things top spicy may may I r8 9/8 ign <3
  8. ye MEMES
  9. der I voted. <3
  10. I hope everything is aight good luck reaper
  11. There is a new map coming in the future I believe but idk when it will happen
  12. Ok cya in a week bud have a good break
  13. It is alright Larry we support you <3
  14. If I was gonna be sentenced to death I'd choose death by Snu Snu
  15. Well i will wait for you to get back larry and i will miss you bud ;-;