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  1. He isn't fixed.
  2. Problems i need to handle won't be able to get on the server.
  3. I see huge props get spawned all the time. Idk what to think bout em
  4. There are a few props that are hella big.(just loek my dick) and can be used to minge a bit.
  5. 030 is the most op scp ever. No on can defeat him
  6. Also if the class is boring then dont play it.no one forces players to play the class it is by choice
  7. Bye bud see you later if you come back
  8. 446 is in my opinion the best scp. I played this scp constantly when i first joined the server. If you are patient and read the rules you would know how to properly use the scp properly. Ive only seen it abused when the master and scp dont know the rules to it. I wish we could do it like the old map and put the rules on the walls.
  9. When people make customs these days they just pick numbers and dont even try to make it about the scp.a dude chose a scp that was legit just a cube.so you know it wouldve been fun. Maybe their custom had a flame thrower of something or they dont know what the scp does.
  10. Well. Imo i dont like this scp idk why but i dont think it would work out if some did decide to add it
  11. Become foundation supplier. But first before that buy guns from the gun dealer as a citizen and sell only certain guns from your inventory.
  12. Back in my day with 049 everyone can become him and he is hella op. Why favor vip players over non vip. Everyone deserves a chance at fun and it would be easy to handle imo
  13. I love SCP 457 and I think he would be a cool addition to our SCPs on the server. But I think if it was added it should be a class everyone should play because who wouldn't enjoy being 457. What I fear is how will he not burn SCPs? There should be a way for him to like turn his fire off so he doesn't burn people he doesn't want bruned don't get hurt. Or there could be a way to make SCPs immune to his fire since he is going to be in a cell too, proably 682 and 610's cell or the 939s. and if anything this SCP should spawn with as much health as 682 and his fire should only do like 4 or 2 damage. and they should have set rules like they can't body block doors or try to harm people through walls. (this was all hypothetical I'm not saying it will be added I'm not in control of that idk much bout coding and how to add things in like that, or even if there is a swep for 457 BC would just have to make one if he did want to add it.) -Royal
  14. still
  15. I mean people already abuse stacker. Advanced dupe would be easily abused. Instant mass server prop blocks all kinds if bad things.