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  1. No more Teamspeak pls @BCBEST

    I think discord would be more efficient as well
  2. Let's all make an effort!

    Ehh trolling as 999 one or twice isnt that bad i kenw when to stop
  3. Let's all make an effort!

    When i was a staff i liked to help out by going around and building simple fading doors for the SCP cells.I became foundation supplier to give out free guns to assist the foundation. (i bought guns from the extreme gun dealer then i give them out).I would be the D bag running around as 999 camping people to force them in their cells for eternity. I also tried my handy work in making check points to enduce more interactions between players and to make raiding harder.I would go field agent and go around asking surface people if they have seen weird and or indescribable entities on the surface or ect.*just some examples people could do* i wish i could get back on the server but Alabama.
  4. Class Edits.

    The crimson fucker
  5. Best Song Contest

    My favourite song shall now be shared with the peoples. Best song by far no competition Up da fuckin ass: https://youtu.be/p5N5iBRwUos
  6. Goodbye to Bison

    Thank you sorry to hear he had to go. At least he will have fun keeping the aliens safe.
  7. Goodbye to Bison

    @[DG] Larson McFerren What happened to bison friend?
  8. i miss 2014

  9. i miss 2014

    7 - The Test Chamber: https://youtu.be/5d6UQawTuBY
  10. The chill lounge

  11. The chill lounge

  12. The chill lounge

  13. The chill lounge

  14. The chill lounge

  15. The chill lounge


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