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  1. Simple as this my man record him.
  2. Honor beat his dick around childrens Call chris hansen! We need the predator catcher!
  3. You would proably not get banned if you realized the server wasnt nazi rp
  4. Purge was pretty fun the concept was pretty simple loud sirens go off and it is a murder fest. I really liked the animal catcher job that could knock out the pets with his tranq darts
  5. Maybe there is already a plan in place for purge and BC is just waiting to execute it. Or maybe he was trying to give the server a chance at being popular again.All ik is it isnt worth the cash to keep paying for a server that cant hold a solid population.
  6. Kk
  7. Wat
  8. I remember talking to BC about a breach server a few months ago and he said the maker of the addons had some type of back door or secret coding that can allow them to get control of the server with the addon when they join or something like that. Not sure but i remember that they had some kind of code bc didnt like.
  9. Lmao i remember pearl harbor i had to kick him like 7 times for turning the class D room into nazi rp and i verbally warned him lots of times if he is banned i guess that is what happened but tbh it was funny when i walked through the class D spawn and saw a bunch of swastikas everywhere it was a suprise. But rip pearl harbor never forget the savage.
  10. Fidget spinner rp how fast can your spinner go my dudes. Type speeds of man 100 spins 200 spins 300 spins the possibilities. (lowkey darkrp)
  11. But tbh imo i feel as if you should be unbanned. Just learn not to threaten peeps and learn from your mistakes but whatevs it isnt up to me :3
  12. Lmao i remember banning you
  13. We dont need luck.... We need a miracle
  14. Why do they do finals just when my body wants to shut down from all this school work.
  15. Same