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  1. Which menu is causing the crash?
  3. Of course Come see me IRL and I'll show you
  4. @Wakko Warner, if this is real, you have to think that many people here are less than 18 years old... I smell lawyers
  5. Just kidding, of course. Thank you for submitting the obvious. All information in this post is public. I give you all the IP to connect to the servers. The servers are hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. They are hosted by Nuclear Fallout (NFO). All of this is easily found by a simple IP search. Please get good and try again.
  6. OMG... We have been hacked. All of our data has been breached.... Oh no..... We are going down...
  7. It is still there... I didn't add it back yet after removing the server list application to fix the site.
  8. This is a clientside issue, unless others are having the issue.
  9. I'd like to give you a plus one; however, before I do, I would like to know the answer to these questions: What would you like to do as manager? What things would you like to see changed? What would you do to keep the server growing and the people entertained?
  10. I agree this has been put off for too long. This Friday at 8:00pm EST we will review the rules.
  11. until
    Anybody who would like to have their voice heard is welcome. It will take place in the team speak in a meeting channel. We will completely re-write and review all of the rules. Come and join us to get your ideas implemented.
  12. Please explain the issues with the other things more in depth and attempt to record a video. I was able to get on and run the drugs and collect them with absolutely no issues.
  13. Everything listed should be fixed. Thanks for reporting. Money printers are not in on purpose. We use money clickers instead.
  14. Your first error, watching Code Blue. He isn't the best at coding to say the least. He can get the job done, but usually does it in longer, more inefficient way. I have some sample code you can look at, I've used this many times in both public and private scripts. Private message me and I'll get you those examples when I have the time. Also, if you need any other help, I would be glad to assist. Also, if you get good enough, maybe we could look into some paid opportunities.
  15. until
    SCP staff team meeting to go over applications. The people needed, know who they are. You will discuss the current applicants and conduct the interviews for those needed. If you need help contact BCBEST.