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    • BCBEST

      New Community Ban and Impersonation   01/18/2017

      As of today, Advert will be receiving a community ban. They have been working together and impersonating myself on the TeamSpeak. Because of TeamSpeak's shitty client ID's, they will continue to evade bans via there. However, they are no longer welcome on our servers as well.    Due to TeamSpeaks accessibility to change names, people have been impersonating me. Anything I tell you to do will be over voice. If someone contacts you via TeamSpeak with my name, shoot me a steam message and I will say if it was me or not. Else, don't comply with their orders.    EDIT: Larry has yet to be proved guilty; thus not yet receiving the ban. 
    • BCBEST

      SCP Admin Applications - OPEN   02/01/2017

      SCP Admin Applications have been re-opened and everyone who meets the requirements can apply.
    • BCBEST


      Due to personal events that have come up, I will have to postpone this event to a further date. I am asking that anyone who has rule change ideas to please write them down until the meeting is rescheduled. Thank you all for being so patient and the rule changes will be made. 

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