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    My name is larry ecks dee lmao rawr bisons adorbs
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    Over the past two weeks I have received several complaints about staff misusing or abusing their powers. I have little tolerance for those who betray the responsibility of being staff. I have talked with people and dealt with all situations, but everyone needs to get their act together. I don't mean this as to accuse anyone, but I would appreciate it if staff were more open to facilitating roleplay for the guests on the server. Rather then just being pseudo-afk in a base with printers and a tv, go out and play foundation, or your CC, but give the other players something to do. I know all of you who applied stated in one way or another on your applications that you want to help the server and improve it. This is my suggestion, take initiative. Go out and give players a rememberable experience.
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    SCP staff team meeting to go over applications. The people needed, know who they are. You will discuss the current applicants and conduct the interviews for those needed. If you need help contact BCBEST.
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    Never heard that song in a long time XD. Still got that touch! My song would have to be "Wake Me Up" - By Avicii Feat. Emerson Drive
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    My favourite song shall now be shared with the peoples. Best song by far no competition Up da fuckin ass: https://youtu.be/p5N5iBRwUos
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    Aren't you already admin on the server?
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    Good bye guys i love you all like family
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    Thank you sorry to hear he had to go. At least he will have fun keeping the aliens safe.
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    You cant just leave without telling us why....at least tell us why your going?
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    Greetings Everyone, The act of trolling is to make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. Trolls can be someone who breaks rules constantly with the intent of creating distress or something as extreme as DDoS. Sadly, many of these people are amongst us. Over the years this community has seen its fair share of trolls. We have purged many of them through the use of banning. However, many people have used VPN's and alternative steam accounts to gain access to our community. I am in great sorrow for having to address the issue of trolls, again. The best ways for us to avoid encouraging this kind of behavior is done by ignoring their threats and being friendly with them. First of all, these trolls are only looking for a reaction. If the reaction is not given, their target feeling is not fulfilled. Try ignoring their threats. On the server's, we will ban them and they will not be able to rejoin without the purchase of Garry's Mod on another account. On the TeamSpeak, mute them and block communications with them. We as staff will no longer be banning them on the TeamSpeak. Banning them is practically pointless due to the accessibility of getting back in. Do your best to move to a passworded channel or block communications with the trolls. If you need help from a higher up in doing so, we would be more than happy to help out. Another feasible option is to be friendly with the trolls. As I stated before, the trolls are looking for a reaction of you upset. Be friendly and calm with them and it will throw them off. A clean, calm reaction is not what they will be expecting. They will continue to talk trash and be rude. Just ask yourself "Why does their opinion matter?" Their opinion doesn't. A person who is intentionally being a negative impact towards the community doesn't have any say in it. As the wise words of zombinator said, "When the doctors see cancer, they first surgically remove it." We have attempted to remove it and if that is not the end of it, just be friends with them. Take their threats as jokes. They are not worth your time nor the communities. In fact, it is flattering that these people are willing to take time out of their own day to focus their attention on us. As far as DDoS ones, DDoS is not completely preventable. We can do our best to lessen the attacks, but if it is strong enough, it will break through our protection. The only thing the threats will accomplish is informing us of the assailant. Although this information is viable, it is not to raise an alarm. Be sure to gather evidence. The information and evidence should be calmly passed on to a Higher Up (BC BEST). We will then take note and look out for attacks. Be sure to remain calm and act as if nothing has changed. We as Higher Ups will report the threats to the correct authorities. DDoS is an illegal act and is not a joking matter. Every threat and/or attack will be taken serious, and reported to the authorities. Many people have asked, "What is management doing to prevent/purge these trolls?" Throughout this message, I briefly hit our focuses and actions, but we want to make it clear. We have attempted to ban all of them. Some are using VPN's to bypass their bans. Although VPN's are not illegal, DDoS and threats of DDoS is illegal. We have gathered evidence of their DDoS threats and opened cases with several of the VPN hosts in order to shut these people down. On our most recent case, the host has opened a case with the user and is giving them 72 hours to state their case before shutting down their account. Finally, we will continue to help purge the trolls from our community. We wish to provide a positive, entertaining environment for everyone. Please continue to be positive as we go through all of this. Thank you, SPD Management.
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    Copy and Paste This Template. If you were Perma Banned then you have to wait at least one week before applying for a ban appeal or your appeal will be automatically denied. Your RP Name: Your SteamID: Admin who banned you: Why were you banned?: Why you should be unbanned? How long were you banned for?: Other Comments:
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    The Name's DeathlyKun. Or it used to be IDK XP And this is the story of how I came to be. You see, I hadn't really grown accustomed to Garry's Mod. Just got it fresh from Steam and I played around in Sandbox a tad and went online to play some Trouble in Terrorist Town. By then, I only had a few days on the server, mostly playing gamings like TTT and Murder or even Flood. Never really stuck somewhere and put my foot down, kinda just server hopped around, Ya know? Then I came across a video of Mixxed King playing DarkRP and I thought, "Hey... that looks cool and interesting. Always been a fan of roleplay, maybe it'll take my mind off of things. " So I went around the Server List playing stuff. Found a few servers where I just got shot in the face as soon as I spawned XP. Found some cool people here and there, did some things, made some bases. Then I came across SPD Purge. Now, up until this point, I was almost non-negotiable with server rules. I would follow them to a T and almost always play passively. Barely ever raided anyone and just kept to myself. And well, even after playing on SPD Purge and meeting the cool people and making new friends, I was still pretty stuck up on the rules, calling for an administrator/moderator or outright lecturing the offender on the rules of the server. Guess I'm not that fun to play with huh... But, I was a bit more lenient on the punishment. After a few days, whenever I would report someone and go to a sit (which happened so much that one moderator called me a tattle-tail just because of how many times I found people breaking the rules) I'd often reason with them, ask them why they did it, how they did it, to read the rules of MOTD and for the admin to simply warn them or verbally warn them, most of the time verbally. After about a month or so, I almost gave up on reporting people unless it was absolutely necessary. Whenever I find new people that break the rules, I check their playtime and if they were new, I walk up to them and give them some money to start out on the server, some tips, then ask them to read the MOTD thoroughly so that they avoid breaking rules in the future. Whenever I played on SPD Purge, I would always be a charitable person. Often I gave out millions of dollars that I spent countless nights farming up in my impregnable bases. For that, some people took advantage of me. Certain people (COUGH COUGH TPB COUGH COUGH) asked me for cash almost daily and foolish ol' me obliged, even if it meant I would end up with less cash than they had. (TPB is actually cool, but when I first met him, he kinda abused my kindness which I don't exactly appreciate.) Prior, me and Ultimate had actually banded together and we would always build bases with each other and raid other people on the server. We had each other's backs and we would always help one another. Then we recruited a 3rd member to our little party, topramen, who at the time was an Admin Rank. Ultimate developed, what can I explain it as, I guess a relationship of sorts with ramen which gradually pulled him and me apart. Eventually, we become sort of rivals, competing with each other to see who can get the most cash. There were times when I gave him some money and he gave me some money. Then there were times when we based together and did other usually thing. Despite actively trying to get the better of one another, we were still great friends. During my journey with Ultimate and Ramen, I ran into a pal we call Squidy or more appropriately, Squidyboi. At first, Squidyboi raided us. A lot. It came to where we would almost always die from him. But then we ended up teaming up with Squidy to beat another raider that we both kinda despised, in a rp way, Kapriel (Or something like that.) Along the way, I meant numerous other people, other friends, companions, family. There was Gabe AKA Lord Vader (LOL) then there was Larry the Teddy who would always snipe me from spawn. (Not cool Larry!) There were people like Kevin and Jon, who took it easy and were fun to listen to. There was even a time when Kevin and Jon made to separate factions and fought each other. (#TeamKevin) Though this was towards the end of the story, I met a cool guy called Neptune, an obvious Hyperdimension reference from his profile picture and custom class. Apart from this guys, I met countless others of different races, ages, personalities, countless people that I all enjoyed. If I tried to recount them all, I fear I might have a memory overload! I'd team up with people to base with them, give them advice on how to raid or make a neat little puzzle to make it harder to raid them. Funny as it is, most of the time I was apart of megabases. We would almost always have this kind of circle of friends that we just all based with. My role would always be Decorator and Vault Maker since my Printer Setups were almost un-raidable, the only person to have raided them being Kapriel. I was almost notorious for my hidden buttons and keypads and unpickable doors that made the raiders question propblock. But, alas along my joyride through what I considered to be the only server to have introduced me and made me obsessed with Garry's Mod, something must go array. I was applying for Moderator after being hassled by the Admins and Managers and Moderators of the server. You see, I already served a role that was basically Moderator, just without the commands. Whenever there is no staff on, I had to take charge and deal with the problem so that we could keep on doing what we do. Of course, there were some problems that were out of my control, but for the most part, I did the best I could to keep the server intact. Whenever we had an RDM Problem or a Propblock Problem, I would always notify Ramen who was my go-to for situations like this since I had her on my friends' list and she was active. Usually, we would become Cops and arrest the person that's doing it, continually arresting them until an Admin came on or we got evidence and ID for the offender so that the Admins can deal with him/her at a later date. I'm getting off-track. After getting a +7 on my application, I only needed to wait a few more hours till I can finally start my first day as Moderator on SPD Purge. How ironic that the day that I become Mod was the day Jon Snow decided to kill the server that I loved so dearly. He deleted everything on the forums. He DDosed the server. After that, I wasn't too mad. Sure, I'm not Mod, but did I really need to be? I already have the capability to do enough for the server. So after the DDoS, some of the main population came back. We started doing events, Neptune doing a Juggernaut event in which we got to see how OP the Double Barrel Shotgun was. It was so powerful that we had to ban it cause the Juggernaut died in about 3-4 shots. And I went to bed. Fast forward a few days, I took a bit of a hiyatus on SPD Purge to rest my soul and catch up on school work. When I came back, there was barely a mirror image of the server I came to know and love. "What's Organization? Hey, who are you?" All my friends, they weren't here anymore. They moved on. Of course, I made great friends with one of the new Moderators. But, I was perplexed."What happened?" I thought. "Why are there cars? What is all this new stuff?" I played on the husk of what I used to know for a few more days and then it was gone. There was nothing left. So I moved on. And so I moved on. And on. Not looking back... -The Story of a Player named DeathlyKun
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    [IRL and Steam Information] Your Name: jack Your In-Game Name: jackaboy Your Age: 16 Your SteamID: 76561198372163195 Your Country: USA Your Time Zone: pacific Do you have a microphone? Yes Do you agree to be on Teamspeak? Yes [Information Regarding to GMod] How long have you been playing on our server (in hours)? 138 How long have you played Garry's Mod (steam hours)? 168 List any Garry's Mod servers on which you have previously served as staff:  Have you ever been banned from a server? Yes If you have been banned, what was it for? a server that had staff and i broke nlr once and i was perm banned [Information About You Applying] What is your reason for applying (100 words)? i thought it would be a good experience for me and i could do good for other servers and hopefully learn more about staff What makes you more qualified than other applicants (50 words)? i think i will be good because i know mostly everything about staff from watching videos and reading up on it What are some of your strong points of being an administration? knowing what most of what there is to know, being kind and respectful to everyone and i keep my eyes out for bad behavior on servers Make a list of all warnings you have within the server. prop blocking, breaking nlr, rdming Other Comments: i would really like it if you would at least let me be trial staff because i would like to know what it is like
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    It says right beside the question in barracks, and -1 It doesn't feel like you took time to read the questions and truly think about good and honest answers. Good Luck!!
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    didnt it say that that is the limit i dont think that is how much i have to right or is it
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    -1 Not going into the application writing itself ;you did not meet the 100 and 50 word limits

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