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      Changes Coming to Purge   03/18/2017

      WOW! It hasn't been that long since we last updated purge. In order to help bring a higher player count, we will be implementing new things such as a "new" map, cars, and much more. Stay updated on our forums for more information on the exact release date of this major update.


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    At this current time of writing, there is an issue all staff know about and are active in. It is something that everyone has a different opinion on, and I feel like I am obligated to address on it due to me being a staff member. There has been a decision made by people (or a person) on the higher staff level, that due to the amount of volunteered staff we have currently, we should start being more strict on the rules to try and lose some staff off the list. If you know me, you know I have spoken about this issue many times. I want everyone (even with people I don't speak too often) to understand the issue with being more strict about the rules. Here is the thing, it's good to be strict on the sever rules. But- if you are now more tight on the rules to try and lose staff, that shows you that you never cared about the rules previously. We should hold up the rules no matter if there is one, four, or twelve staff members. Don't get me wrong though, I am not saying we should let staff get away with rule breaking. What I am saying is that it is pathetic that little things such as flying up an inch so no one kills you while you are talking to a player, will get you in trouble. Also, issues that actually need to be addressed are not being handled properly and fairly. A good example of this is Shadow. Shadow is a person who was demoted due to an issue he had with another staff member. The thing is, even if shadow did break a rule, he did not have a full chance to explain himself. Shadow also got FULLY demoted to a member while previously you would just be demoted to a moderator. Enough of Shadow for now, let me move on. Yet another problem is communication. We need more communication in any form to make sure the staff can work happily together. That is true to any team or business trying to work. Without communication decisions like this will keep happening without input. Opinions like my own need to be expressed properly. Just like how Mr.Shadow's take on the issue he was having was not expressed properly. New Point Now Everyone that the people who are staff are VOLUNTEERED. They do this on their free time. When the server is online at most I've ever seen is 8-10 staff on at one time, out of the 40+ members we have. We could have more staff coming in. It's very possible. And- if we do have a large amounts of staff (like in the 30's) then I understand we need less staff. BUT! We should not be using the rules to let them off. We should just give them up if we truly do have too many, not have a gun scope of a new rule push be placed on all of us staff. My very last and final point. If you have a system (our staff rankings) where there is too many people to handle, you get other people to help run the system. I will refer to my group- The Militia. I cant run all 200+ in our steam group and in game... So I get more people to help run with me then. I think there is a person (or someone else) who is taking matters to much into their own hands. Listen to what I'm saying here guys. -Larson McFerren [DG]
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    READ BELOW OR FACE BANISHMENT - To view rules, type !motd - See a rule being broken? type !report - Everyone must obey 2 minute NLR-Death means 2 minutes afk in spawn- Class D doesn't have to wait! -Non-Custom SCPs are to be KOS on the surface by non-SCPLF non-Foundation(except dog, invisible and bear. DON'T KOS CLASS Ds -Do not block off a room or own a door if you are not actively using that room, only base where you're active. -Any human using force to defend an SCP is to be KOS by everyone -On the surface, Never shoot an SCP near Paramilitary(SCPLF/CI or Foundation) -Any non-Custom SCP(except SCP-049) may be shot outside of its containment IF IT HAS A CONTAINMENT -Any non-Foundation entering The Foundation are to be terminated by all Foundation Staff and MTF -If you're killed during a raid on the surface you should not return to the scene of the raid until that raid is adverted as over! Optional/Additional Roleplay Suggestions-(Rules we do not report/punish for!) -Never kill a typing player- watch for the hand at their ear! (This is not reportable) -Please talk to someone before killing them- its polite! (This is not reportable) The story so far: General Rules Game Mode Rules SCP-specific rules! Custom Classes- Human and SCP -Updated 12-18-2016 Commands Building Rules Prop and Door Rules Raiding as Civil Protection, Mobster, SWAT, Thieves or Gangster Raiding as SCPLF/CI and Field Agent Kidnapping/Interrogation Money Printers Foundation Chain of Command *Code Black* SCP-029 SCP-030 SCP-035 *Hiding the mask is FRP* SCP-049 SCP-049-2(Cured by Plague Doctor) SCP-073 SCP-082 SCP-096 SCP-098 SCP-106 SCP-106-2(Old Man's Pocket Dimension Victim) SCP-126 SCP-173 and Weeping Angel SCP-336 SCP-446 SCP-610 SCP-682 SCP-939 SCP-999 SCP-1048 SCP-1111 SCP Liberation Front-SCPLF- Leader gives orders and may execute any SCPLF he chooses Citizen Gangster- Leader gives orders and can execute those who disobey Mobster and Mafia Leader- Leader gives orders and executes mobsters that disobey Thief and Pro Thief- May execute disobedients Black Market Dealer/Gun Dealer/Medic/Heavy Weapons/ Extreme Heavy Theater Manager Hitman Newscaster Banker and Bank Guard DJ Mayor Guard Mayor Civil Protection and SWAT Nine Tail Field Agent Researcher Doctors Foundation Supplier Security MTF and Leader-Leader may execute those who do not do their job. Site Administrator Class D Textures-
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    -1 I like the app but sadly I have never seen you on recently.
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    -1 from previous experience with you it seem you have a problem this higher up staff disciplining you for your mistakes then after you insist or belittling them to other players so in my opinion your not manager material sorry
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    It's come to my attention that more and more staff are abusing their power to try to get an advantage on normal player me personally I don't quite understand why I mean if you don't care about being staff anymore why bother making the application in the first place then if you do care about it why bother abusing if you know you can easily be caught I can kind of understand that "hey I'm bored of the server" mentality but you can easily just resign instead of ruining everyone else time on the server to me it's just plain selfish to ruin everyone else fun to make your time more enjoyable
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    SCP staff team meeting to go over applications. The people needed, know who they are. You will discuss the current applicants and conduct the interviews for those needed. If you need help contact BCBEST.
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    Just a note: If this was Implemented, It should be that playing false alarms or call outs would be failRp.
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    You haven't seen me recently cause I get on at 11 PM - 6 AM and I never really see any admins around at that time maybe one but thats all.
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    As requested it will be denied and trash bined
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    C'mon guys, lets all be real here. My inspiration is my old friend and dawg... GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!
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    Half of these arent even words and none rhymed with hitler
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    -1 for me you are a good kid and you have the heart but your application was not really well written also when you were staff you did not really do the reported and were never on the forums until you apply for manager
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    Some people might think I'm crazy but +1 for you Larson. Larson has been respectful to pretty much every person, no matter how much a certain person hates him. One time I was so mad one time last year I wanted to quit until Larson became my friend. At first I talked shit to him and he still gave me respect. As time passed on I began to respect Larson and others because of him. Larson has never broken any rules at all (unless if the one Bison gave him still counts) and admins I've seen still have around 1-15 warns with less playing time than him. Of course people not might not like him because of the Militia, but he has his fair share of admin sits, warns, and bans to give to other players for SPD. Hope the best for you Larson. No favoritism is intended for this comment.
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    -1 Larson is great person to play with and talk to but when it comes to being a manager and seeing qualifications, I cannot help but to look at the Militia and all the problems caused within the ranks due to a lack of leadership and accountability, and the minges that sprouted from it.
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    I'll give you that +1 bro. Before you got demoted back to VIP for inactivity every time I was on you were Admin on Duty and your strong points to being an admin are actually accurate because some people lie in that section. P.S. It's been such a long time I forgot that you had a mic XD Good Luck to you man.
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    This post gave me HIV, Aids, and Stage 4 brain cancer.
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    When my penis is to small
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    Under the Pretext of a "Larger Foundation" in the next map change, I have been thinking that it would be nice, and mostly appreciated to expand on the RP aspect of the foundation. Upon talking to Clone, Shadow Scythe, Larson, and some others, I had decided to make this thread on my Ideas to do so. Starting from the top, The O5 council, Made up of Thirteen Individuals with strange personalities that Oversee Specific aspects of the Foundation. These individuals would be at the top, Thus making them out of reach of normal players. VIP, or even if from what I hear VIP+ should be the Requirement for these positions. The O5 would mostly have RP based roles, seeing that they stay away from both Combat and SCPs, being that of Level 05 Security Clearance. One of the O5 will be designated Foundation Ethics Committee Chairman, Most likely O5-3, or any other in the event of the lack of -3. The Ethics committee will not be a designated job on the menu, but rather a job in which an O5 member takes a normal Foundation job whether if be Researcher, Doctor, MTF, or Site Security. These select few, 3 or four depending on server activity, will watch other Site Personnel, while doing their normal duties to not arouse suspicion, report Directly to O5-3, or the stand in Chairman in the Council, about the unethical treatment of D class, Humanoid SCPs and their fellow staff. Based on the Evidence Presented to The Chairman, he may bring the issue to the council for a vote of Demotion to D-Class. See my Foundation Console Thread for a way this can be implemented. Should a selected member reveal themselves as a member of the ethics committee, they will, upon vote, be subjected to demotion to D Class. Finally, The O5 council have an Elite Guard. A Mobile Task Force of the utmost Loyalty, and Dogmatic-ism. This would be MTF Alpha-1 "The Red Right Hand". These Guards will stick to the O5 and carry out their orders. The Red Right Hand will also be restricted to VIP or VIP+. With these additions the Hierarchy of the Foundation shall Change Accordingly: O5 Council MTF Alpha - 1 "The Red Right Hand" MTF Epsilon - 11 "Nine Tail Fox" Site Administrator And then the Rest. Nine Tails Are Ordered Directly by Red Right Hand in situations of containment breaches to clear the facility while the Red Right Hand see to the safety of the O5, Escorting them out of the foundation when necessary or into a secured location in the foundation, whilst being raided. With these additions the Foundation Personnel should achieve the fear of panopticism, all ways being watched, and the fear of mistake. With this I believe that the Foundation will In fact maintain order with Minor Interference from Staff. Thank you all. I will respond to any questions and any help you may offer.
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    I have been thinking that it would be a nice addition to add a system, much like the Mayor's !mcon command, where upon entering command like !mcon, but in this case maybe "!scon" of "!fcon" for Site Console or Foundation Console where upon using the command, the Site Administrator can Call out Containment Breaches, Security Breaches, The Confirmation of a Code Black, using sounds from the SCP : CB sounds to simulate the call out on the intercom system.
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    Dill Pickle get out of here, and also a word from our lord and savior, Larry Alucard Sr. My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh +1, Gavin you are the Gavin in my Gavin, and I would love to Gavin your Gavin with a Gavin. and again thanks you My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh
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    You all remember this? Ahhhh good times right? this was also about a month or 2 old so I though WTF WHY NOT, and here it is again.
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    This was the funniest thing that has ever happened on the server, and will be the funniest thing that has happened to the server for a long time, we all need to cherish the times where we all hung out and talked about random shit and did stuff like this, because I was about to pass out from laughing so fucking hard, this shit was top notch, let's try to have more times like this folks.
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    I've never seen someone that thinks that making a small forum post is going to bring are servers down, people like you make me sick. Be mature and give this in a respectable manner, just leave the server that simple
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    When you take things out of context to try and frame someone and then claim to be the victim :^)
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    You know I thinks its time to give it up boys... We can't just keep using this server to disguise our KKK activity. Time to hang up the sheets and close it all down.
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    Welp since you refuse to leave that is your problem.Not my fault if you simply wont leave if you have such a problem with a community. People these days dont understand common sense enough to understand what to do in a situation like this.
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    If you dont like the community leave simple as that stop having a little tantrum like a child.This behavior is unnecessary and you arent changing anything by waving your hands around yelling "shut it all down"
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    Hell yes Minge Cops should be a series all together
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    I love you too cosmo
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    I'm gonna quote some more people to maybe get more input cause this is a serious matter @[email protected]@[email protected]@Wakko [email protected] Kids [email protected]@[SPD] Honor@[SPD]Eater[DG]@Doggo [email protected]
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    Yep just a +1 for you my man; I didn't even know that you had any warns since I barely see you in trouble. You have a bond with a lot of staff members, so it will be easy for you to get around in situations 'cause you got us. And previous experience on gmod servers as staff is very good Hope the best for you man.
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    I forgot to mention My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord My Flesh My Lord
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    [IRL and Steam Information] Your Name: Ryan Your In-Game Name: The Legend27 Your Age: 16 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61919942 Your Country: United States Your Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time Do you have a microphone: Yes Do you agree to be on Teamspeak? Yes [Information Regarding to GMod] How long have you been playing on our server (in hours)? about 74.5 Hours How long have you played Garry's Mod (steam hours)? 995 List any Garry's Mod servers on which you have previously served as staff: None Have you ever been banned from a server? No If you have been banned, what was it for? N/A [Information About You Applying] What is your reason for applying (100 words)? I'm sure that everyone can agree that no one ever likes that one SCP who has never played on this sever and didn't read the rules, so they'll play as 173 and failrp multiple times before getting banned. Or, you will find that players will continually break NLR while your raiding the foundation, making your job very hard to raid, however those people didn't know to wait until the raid is over to get out of spawn. I am not applying for moderator so that I can just ban a ton of rule-breakers, I want to become moderator because there are people who don't choose to read the rules. This is bad and can tend to lead to them breaking a ton of rules that they didn't even know existed. So, I want to be the moderator that not only will be there to punish someone who broke a rule, but also to be there to remind them of the rule that they have broken. For example, if they were 173 and moved and killed while a flashlight was on them, I would still warn them for failrp, however I would inform them that they need to stop moving and stop killing if a flashlight is on them. This way, we reduce the number of rule-breaker who are just trying to play some rp, and make the game so much more enjoyable. What makes you more qualified than other applicants (50 words)? I believe that I am more qualified than other applicants due to the fact that I am on during low periods. I am always on during the weekdays and sometimes on during the weekends and I am willing to be on for very long periods of time, sometimes as long as five to six hours at a time. I am also well prepared to face situations where I need to look at both players standpoints in a situation. This is because sometimes logs and other sources of seeing proof can sometimes not prove certain situations by using. Also, I tend to look at logs quickly and am able to copy paste them into a chat very quickly. What are some of your strong points of being an administration? I am able to quiet a situation very quickly, allowing me to be able to get a situation under control quickly. Also I am a very fast learner, so even though I may not know any moderator commands and have never been a moderator before, I will need just need to either look up the commands or to be told them once or twice in order to get them down. I also am ready to take up sits whenever I would be called on, as long as rp situations allowed me to. I also know the rules very well, allowing me to know whether or not a rule was broken, and all of the circumstances where if a rule has seemed to be broken, it has not. Make a list of all warnings you have within the server. Admin: Reason: weed now in 4k BodyblockingX15 (Note: yes that is exactly the warning) False One Legend Punching other Class Ds Ray Royals Failrp:attacking people as 098 while not being in a pack [SPD] Strange RDM/Punching other Class Ds Michael Sweat RDM in an admin sit (however was revoked with another warn saying to disregard this one as it was just a misunderstanding from Michael) Hazardflx RDM TK (however was revoked with another warn saying to disregard this one as it was just acted on too quickly from hazard) Nimble RDM Other Comments: I am here in hope that I will be accepted as a moderator, however; if you the staff believe that I am not ready, I am very open to constructive criticism Thank you very much for looking at my app!
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    Thanks very much guys, looking forward to it, I apologize if I was rude to you aviator
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    Tunnel snake leader?? I havent heard that name in 100s years
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    I would like to get feed back on what player believe would improve the gameplay/RP value of the purge server any suggestions you make will be gone over and some may be added to the new map
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    Hopefully, you can use this negative experience to motivate you to try and make a change on SPD. If not, then, I will miss you bud.
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    For fuck sakes people do your bans correctly and put ACTUAL REASONS IN THE BAN!!! Minge is not a reason so stop doing it. I swear if someone bans another person for minge i'm going to ban them for minge and tell them to tell me how they aren't a minge. Minge doesn't help anyone looking into bans and defending themselves. Stop being a lazy fuck and put some detail in that ban. If it continues i'll have to talk to SHUSH to lay down the law on lazy ban reasons. I swear it should be bannable for banning someone for "Minge". Just follow the damn guidelines and ban them appropriately. EX: !ban shitface 2d FailRP Moving with flashlight on as SCP 173. That ban explains WHY HE WAS BANNED AND NOT JUST THAT HE WAS A MINGE!!!
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    I like this Idea of Collabs allows people to be in a specific group or create one for the SCP server if they find something to make the group/collab on.
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    Okay, hold the fuck on, so you glitched out of your cell (Ignoring the warnings of the SWEP crashing the server.) and went around using it on people who asked; even though it had a big chance to crash the server, and you blame the admins for banning you? WHAT!? This is possible the stupidest complaint I have ever seen in my entire life, and I spent a lot of time on GMod :3
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    Many people have been saying purge is dead and not coming back I have a dispute... It's not dead till it's gone! The Purge Server is not dead and won't be dead anytime soon. The purge has a very high potential to grow it's playerbase back but!! We Have to make it that WAY! What I mean is if we have a positive people talking about purge, getting it out there then that means more people are gonna try it out and we can make a positive impact against purge instead of the majority of people saying that it's dead and it's hurting the server instead of bringing it back for all of are enjoyment. We also need to act as respectable and positive as we can in the server so it's not the cancer shit show that people are claiming it to be. If your one of those people who are claiming it's dead I suggest you change your way of thinking. As BC BEST (The Owner) stated we are a mature community not a group of ten year olds....
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    * Nine tails new rule - Nine tails can kill anyone that passes the KOS line to go into the foundation and they may also Defend from raids
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    I have uncovered evidence of our "friendly" manager @groblerawr abusing his powers. He has: Given himself permissions he shouldn't have access to. Changed his rank to "Owner". Spawned weapons for people. Given himself weapons. Used admin commands on his friends. He has now been fully demoted and will not have a chance to gain his rank back.