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      Admin Abuse Bans   12/28/2016

      Starting now, any administrative abuse will result in a 5 month ban. Any purchases will not be refunded and you will not be able to appeal the ban. If you feel something might be abusive, contact a higher up (manager and higher).   Not all abuse will result in such a ban; it will be decided case by case. 

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  2. :^)
  3. Well I mean I have never seen you on purge because I don't play purge but I mean there is rarely a post on forums that you can be on that your not on and I swear you're on every day and not a single fucking player has complained about you i have only heard good thing so -1 jk you get a +1
  4. I got it for excelling in my duties and my posts on the forums which helped others. But, I don't think that should decide, I want YOU to decide.
  5. did you recently get the free custom award for being a really great admin?
  6. Your app was top notch but I believe you are not ready to have that position. -1
  7. @tundra A shadow
  8. that is from lord of rings
  9. I'm a box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure's inside is hid
  10. the DICK
  11. i like color and size XD
  12. ROSES are red and Violets are blue i have never seen someone as salty as you.
  13. What gamemode are you applying for?: The Purge. Real Name: Jacob Country: United States of America Age: 19 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:182569070 In-Game Name: [SPD] NorthernAxis How long have you been playing our server?: 153 hours and 83 minutes. How active are you on the forums?: I am on the forums every day for at least 2 hours. How long have you played Garry's Mod?: 9,193 hours. What position do you currently hold?: I currently withhold the "Administrator" position. Why do you want to be Manager? (at least 100 words): I am applying so that I can have a see over the community from a more important view. I don't mean I am applying just to have the fancy "Leader" picture under my name, but to actually use that picture with responsibility and respect. I see my self in a good light for the position, more then other applications. I'm not going to say I'm the one that's going to make the community top notch, but we can take baby steps to achieve that goal. What do I want to do as a purge manager? Well, I know the duties as a purge manager, from many experiences with managers. I would take seriousness into the application category, such as filtering out the non-fit users for the job. The last thing we need is abusive staff. And it not only takes from reputation from the community, but it hurts others from not enjoying quality gameplay on the servers. Another thing I would do as a purge manager would be to use helpful add-ons and additions to the server, and not any garbage add-ons that we would not need. I would update the players with information that they would like and need, such as possibly new staff. I would actually show my face in the server and make sure things are running smoothly and not going to hell, such as abusive staff messing everything up. I wont abuse as a manager, I believe it is a VERY big responsibility to be a purge manager, I would not be as immature as abusing my powers, like giving myself a nuke and blowing the map up. That power is not something you get right away, I would value it with trust. Those are my reasons for applying. List any GMod servers on which you have previously served as staff: Metal Gaming | [SPD] Purge Have you ever been banned from a server, and if so, what for?: N/A Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I do indeed. Would you be active on our TeamSpeak?: Every day. Other Comments: Nope.
  14. I wish I could close stuff so I could say something dramatic and then close it XD.
  16. staff are not supposed to disrespect players but if your mad that he did then you don't need to be here because this is a dirty server not for little kids who can't deal with being called names its what we do calm your tits
  17. and this confuses me if roses are red and violets are blue then what color is violet because blue+red=purple but if violets are blue then what the fuck are you
  18. Today
  19. Roses are red Violets are blue i have a gun get in the van for burger XD
  20. BTW my name in game is coldjlarksky
  21. Really? Why would you waste your time to write this... By the time you wake up tomorrow your ban will probably have expired. If you wanted to see the new may, you shouldn't of done what you did, ALSO, you did not use the template...
  22. i got banned for rdm in this rainbow room its only for 20h but i was wondering if i could get it removed so i can play to check out the new map, i was just goofing off, im sorry for killing kevin in the rainbow box room :c please love me and give me a 2nd chance
  23. It would be amazing if I could join :\
  24. I'll tell you what I find cool! I find you cool Markus <3
  25. Yesterday
  26. Sure I its a different turkey but who cares?
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