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    • BCBEST

      New Community Ban and Impersonation   01/18/2017

      As of today, Advert will be receiving a community ban. They have been working together and impersonating myself on the TeamSpeak. Because of TeamSpeak's shitty client ID's, they will continue to evade bans via there. However, they are no longer welcome on our servers as well.    Due to TeamSpeaks accessibility to change names, people have been impersonating me. Anything I tell you to do will be over voice. If someone contacts you via TeamSpeak with my name, shoot me a steam message and I will say if it was me or not. Else, don't comply with their orders.    EDIT: Larry has yet to be proved guilty; thus not yet receiving the ban. 
    • BCBEST

      SCP Admin Applications - OPEN   02/01/2017

      SCP Admin Applications have been re-opened and everyone who meets the requirements can apply.
    • BCBEST


      Due to personal events that have come up, I will have to postpone this event to a further date. I am asking that anyone who has rule change ideas to please write them down until the meeting is rescheduled. Thank you all for being so patient and the rule changes will be made. 

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  2. He didn't really tell me, and if he did I surely didn't do it because of that, I did it because I finally understood the question.
  3. Today
  4. borker the sweps coding for the rang was all sorts of fucked up on the server then the sweps coding got fucked up and now its broken so all that needs to be fixed is the coding but for one man is kinda hard to do
  5. bibby dont be a smart ass about my typeing skills on the phone and i has wifi back
  6. At first I didn't know who you actually were, thought you were someone new and or old.
  7. 049 in my opinion needs a new swep in general to make it sorta look like a hand or same baton but it has a range of a punch AND i have still had many times server has crashed early in the morning because of 049 and some douchebags so until next update and next map-nah
  8. so i am going on a vacation from the 12 to the 16th of march because unless i can download steam or something at the hotel and even then i cant cause im going to VEGAS BABY so yeah just a heads up for yall
  9. until

    what time?
  10. 049 is not fixed, he can use his SWEP from across the map and his can cause the server to crash.
  11. That's Kind of what moderators are for, and besides if people really do get tired of being staff just leave a absents notice on the forums, or something, cause you know, we have that their for a reason an all. Also that kind of thing would be a fine idea if it were for most manager, some of the ones I know are fine but some are inactive for a majority of the time, or don't get on alot other then the forums sometimes, Hi Bison. But yeah I don't fully like this idea but I don't hate it either.
  12. NOOOO NOT THE MANY MANY CLONES!!! Don't at least one of you have an extra computer or do all your clones use one computer. I always wondered that.... Also Come back soon please, also what does wfi mean? No seriously what does wfi mean I don't get your lingo.
  13. Yesterday
  14. You handle your business
  15. No worries
  16. Denied To many warns and your application was atrocious
  17. You don't actually have to do anything he tells you cause your application will be going through a different group of staff members who will vote you in and if you get accepted you will have to do a interview
  18. I will miss you.
  19. Hold on. I will discuss this with the administrators.
  20. Well I have to wfi idk when I'll be back on
  21. 049, It has a chance to crash, we don't take those chances so @BCBEST just keeps 049 closed. Also 049 will most likely won't be fixed till a long while. But don't count on how long i saw its going to be broken.
  22. Well, your not lying. I wouldn't think DarkRanger would do that.
  23. And adding to Hazard, 049 is known to slowly crash the server over a period of time, it wont cause lag to all but maybe some when a person is infected, and when the game crashes it is usually very sudden without knowledge of it ahead of time, just 'boop' and its crashed, and yes we will warn you without....warning if you are found as 049 outside of your cell. Since you were honest with the fact that you did in fact do it, we ask you not to do it again, for the sake of the server and the players, not to mention if others figure out how to glitch out of the cell it could end up becoming Minge galore, to the point were we would have a hard time dealing with it. So don't do It again.
  24. In post positions in any government, there is a term or a limited time that person/people can serve. I think staff should be just the same way. It is good to do this because it would have new people show their staff skills, and have the old people take a break.
  25. no, certain jobs still have a chance to crash the servee, while i appreciate the "research" you did, do not play as 049 again. if we discovered that a person playing 049 glitched out of his cc to infect people it may result in a ban
  26. He isn't fixed.
  27. hi so i know this is very short but i have found a glitch to become SCP-049 and no i am not saying but i have gotten 2 volunteers for the SCP-049-2 test and i have a crappy computer and i got no lag i stayed at the exact fps so he most likely was fixed because i also had one of my volunteers become 173 and one the spider-man person and it did not infect them so far the only scp i have infected from testing is 073 and that is all i had to say i am 80 percent sure that SCP-049 is fixed so lets hope that soon he will be playable again with out using a glitch
  28. If I may fix my strong points: What are some of your strong points of being an administration? 1. I am mostly on when Admins aren't and I am even on if they are on. 2. I can quickly resolve most if not all reports quickly and without mistake. 3. I know and get along with the other admins. (Don't really know if this is a strong point or not.) 4. I always love to help people. 5. Most of my time will be on duty unless there is like 2 or more admin on. (On Duty Admins.) 6. I don't wait around until someone reports someone breaking rules, I'll watch around and make sure no one is breaking any of the rules, which some admins don't do. (Not saying names.)
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