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  2. No more Teamspeak pls @BCBEST

    I agree to a certain extent and basic discord is easy to mess with anyone with a brain and time can use discord in a hour.
  3. No more Teamspeak pls @BCBEST

    I agree, I know discord inside and out and in my personal experience discord is better than teamspeak
  4. SPDs low player income

    new classes will come in th update
  5. The Shadow That Has been lit on Fire

    Hate to see you go shadow ;(. Love you man!
  6. The Shadow That Has been lit on Fire

    The only part that I saw abusive is when people were messing around and then you would just spawn in SWEP's and kill people. Like when I was hitting you when you were cloaked as Admin On Duty with my SWEP, you spawned a big White Sycthe and killed me 2 times. Other players sometimes asked me if what your doing was allowed and I said "That really isn't allowed even tho there having fun". And also Basic never did shit so don't come here complaining like a little baby because someone told the truth. It would've been fine if you had permission but no, you acked on your own terms so you got the consequences. Also you were a great Manager to me and the only reason I did this is because you were going to far with it. #SorryNotSorry Have a good life Shadow! -"The Slimy and Annoying" Squid
  7. No more Teamspeak pls @BCBEST

    I don't get why we would need to use 2 programs for voice communication but I get your point
  8. No more Teamspeak pls @BCBEST

    I think discord would be more efficient as well
  9. The Shadow That Has been lit on Fire

    Communication error may want this deleted. But I seriously want to have a talk with BC, and I want everyone who is currently affiliated with this and can defend either me or the other side. I want to host a meeting on a specific date about this as well. If possible.
  10. No more Teamspeak pls @BCBEST

    then dont get rid of it just get a discord see what i mean my guy
  11. The Shadow That Has been lit on Fire

    It would have been fine for me to own up to my own actions but as to the punishment of such actions is unreasonable, which is exactly why I am demoting myself without your need to do so, that is my way of punishing myself, the reason I am leaving is not because of what I did, I admitted to what I did. But their is a fine line between this matter that I can not say out loud without hurting myself, or any of you. And besides do you think I had a choice in the matter of facing this...no, no I did not, That is exactly why I am "moving on" because I am not given a choice in the matter, It seems that whenever something nice happens in my life.....I always come back to this same situation....first it was Dark Cloud and the fact that he was a super tight ass hole. Now its Squidy and the exact same thing, with the exact same situation with me in the exact same position. Also Ty I respect you, but "As is the way of life".....you seriously don't know what the way of life is don't you. One last thing before I sign off for the night, YOU and NIMBLE and even you BC need to get your asses on the server more often, I have heard from multiple people with complaints mostly about you Ty, Nimble I haven't even seen you since freaking the last 2 weeks and BC, I was afraid of you before, but man....live up to your title, you put yourself in a position of responsibility here on SPD and a few months ago you were seriously falling behind on that responsibility, I understand that you are busy with work, god only knows what your job is, but man you need to start paying a tad bit more time with your community and members, it seems you only limit yourself to specific people that you like such as Bison, Ty, Nimble, Larson etc. Spend more time with your community and you'll see just what I fell in love with here. I still with to be friends with all of you of coarse I don't let a stupid fucking thing that happened over a game ruin what I worked truly hard for, and that is friendship with people I actually love. I may have talked down to you here, you can be angry, hell you can unfriend me if your that upset, but my mind is made up, I am resigning, and with such things this puts far more responsibility on the last three of you, I want to see this community back in action but it seems it will only go that way if SOMEONE FUCKING KICKS YOU IN THE ASS TO DO IT. so here I am Kicking your ass, now get out their, and fix the fucking problems, the people, and the server. Because I ain't gonna hold your hand no more for it. Ty don't even start about how I tried to take things into my own hands, I get that I did something wrong but their is no reason to have taken It so far. Nor do I need to be reminded constantly of my mistake, or be patronized about such things. I did what I thought could help bring people back, as for the app's that was a simple mistake, I held events for people which I guess is what Squidy saw as abusive, Anyway I am gone. If you really want to talk catch me on TeamSpeak I am done talking on this topic.
  12. The Shadow That Has been lit on Fire

    Hit me up on steam, I am interested to hear what all of this is about
  13. The Shadow That Has been lit on Fire

    I would also add that even if I hadn't been demoted I would have no doughtily left to pursue other servers, I would of coarse still love to hear what I was accused of here but whatever the case It was not because I was intentionally trying to "destroy the server", Nor the community as a whole, I still plan to use this site as a main connection point aside from steam to communicate with all my friends and 'family' that's here. I am moving to Dakoda's server to hopefully gain the respect and trust that seemed to have been ultimately lacking in SPD. I understand that I had made myself super admin, I also understand why I may have gotten in trouble for such things, but Whilst I was in Super Admin I made sure never to let it get me carried away with power, that is something I do not like to do. I am also not abusive in anyway, Whenever I got on I made sure to keep things interesting by hosting mini events or little games people could participate in if they wanted, everyone loved it and I wasn't told otherwise. As for the Whitelist BC I know for a fact it would have been about several months till you would have even gotten on to do anything about it so I wanted to help in that regard by adding only a few comic props just so people could spruce up their living spaces or RP situations with something more than a bottle or door, or even that random set of computers that wouldn't fit anywhere. I did all these things, yes without permission, but BC I feel like you purposely don't like me, I don't know why but it more or less seems like you hated me ever since I came onto the community, I had always had that feeling. I am not typically a person that likes to go up to people and start talking to them either so it may be my fault, I am a shy guy, I don't typically like meeting new people when or even if they don't want anything to do with me. Anyway I would explain more but I feel I have already wasted everyone's time with this as it is.
  14. The Shadow That Has been lit on Fire

    It's sad to see that you could not own up to the consequences of your own actions. I'm sorry dude but this is in no way Squidy's or Basic's fault. Neither of them forced you to take matters into your own hands. Neither Forced you to change your rank without permission. Neither forced you to give Sylveon a temporary Super Admin Rank. Neither Forced you to change the prop list to what you found suitable. Do you get the picture here? Own up to your own actions. You made the decisions, you put them into action. Just because a few people bring it to light, and because you didn't bother to ask around, not because "Oh they don't care anymore" but because you didn't bother to make the effort. You had been told in the past, by Bison, to not set your rank to Super Admin without permission. You did it again... and now there are consequences. Face it and move on. As is the way of life.
  15. Let's all make an effort!

    Fuck yeah
  16. No more Teamspeak pls @BCBEST

    I agree, but with the amount, thats been setup in TS no point to get rid of it.
  17. The Shadow That Has been lit on Fire

    Ya know what, I hope you all are satisfied with yourselves for listening to a 12 year old fuck boy who hated me. Guess you can forget about everything I said earlier because whatever Squidies reason for me being "abusive" was, was good enough for BC to demote me, guess what BC I tried to help the server, I truly and honestly did, but this is beyond a new low for anyone. I even put myself in that one channel for a reason, BECAUSE I went out to celebrate, come back to find everything is taken from me and that apparently squidy and basic had something to do with it and without being able to explain myself. Whatever, Ty love you mate and sorry for being angry earlier about that stuff just annoyed by my week long migrain that didnt go away. Nimble love you two mate, take care of yourself. And finally DO NOT LET THE SERVER DIE AND THE WORK I PUT INTO TRYING TO BRING PEOPLE BACK TO WAIST! I loved this community with all my heart, but like all things I cherish its taken away from me and replaced with fire and hate. Goodbye everyone, was nice meetin you. And as for the rest of the community, I will truly love and miss you all from the bottom of my heart, but be weary we have a Dark Cloud approaching and its slimy, annoying, and will try to be your friend just to stab you in the back and watch you burn. This isnt much of a resignation as much as it is a warning. Do not trust the green dildo.
  18. LennyBread's Moderator Application

    DENIED - You can Re-apply in 5 days
  19. nibblet135's Moderator Application

    DENIED - You can Re-apply in 5 days
  20. Last week
  21. SPDs low player income

    Tbh I think that if maybe some new classes were added (For example: The Burning man SCP 457, SCP 066 and a vape class? Idk but they shouldn't necessarily have to be SCPS) then the server would be able to attract more people! Anyways that's my opinion so yeah
  22. nibblet135's Moderator Application

    IGNORE ABOVE: Was Not done at meeting.
  23. LennyBread's Moderator Application

    IGNORE ABOVE: Was Not done at meeting.
  24. grandtheftwalrus2's Moderator Application

    IGNORE ABOVE: Was Not done at meeting.
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