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    • BCBEST

      BC is Back ***Please Read***   06/21/2017

      Hello everyone,  The title says it all. I'm back and ready to get these servers back to their best. Before I get right into the changes, I would first like to thank Bison Bits for running the community while I have been on a leave. I will soon be opening a package on the store that will go directly to him, if anyone would like to personally donate to him.    Now to get into changes... This summer I am arranging a Board of Directors that will oversee the community. We will work as a team to bring the community back to its full potential. As far as the servers go, there will be major changes that will better them. No permanent decisions have been made but many have been discussed. Be on the lookout for many changes to come.    Finally, custom classes are extremely behind and I want to apologize for the delays. Until July 21, 2017 I am offering full refunds to anyone who requests one as long as the purchase of the class was between April 21, 2017 - June 21, 2017. If you would not like a refund and still wish for your class to be made, please resubmit the class form.    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me here on the forums. 

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  2. Just so yall know, John Frank is now WomarTheHammer, Changed my name because there are to many flippin John's
  3. Yesterday
  4. -1 From my experience you are a good player, but it looks like you did not try at all for this app. Also from what I see it looks like you just want the power of a moderator to help yourself, because as it says above you'll be on duty unless if there is another staff member, making you look lazy. And staying on duty as an administrator is a requirement, not a strength. Please try harder next time
  5. -1 Although you have a nice application, I do not frequently see you on the server, and I have been told by other staff members they have not seen you on either. The exploitation warning i do not care about because most of the staff on the server at that time were involved with it as well, so it isn't too much to talk about. Perhaps if you pm me why you were gone for so long I may change my mind, but until then I wish you the best of luck on your application!
  6. [IRL and Steam Information] Your Name: Parker Stillman Your In-Game Name: Nimbocatus Your Age: 15 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:83823446 Your Country: United States Your Time Zone: EDT Do you have a microphone? Yes Do you agree to be on Teamspeak? Yes [Information Regarding to GMod] How long have you been playing on our server (in hours)? 197 How long have you played Garry's Mod (steam hours)? 872 List any Garry's Mod servers on which you have previously served as staff: Omniscient Servers DarkRP and GamingLight Servers SchoolRP. However both have since shut down, which is why I moved to this server. Have you ever been banned from a server? No If you have been banned, what was it for?  [Information About You Applying] What is your reason for applying (100 words)? Just as it has on other servers, it upsets me whenever it's minge hour and I'm powerless to stop it, especially in the mornings when I get on and there aren't a lot of people, and almost never admins. It's at this time that people will commit RDM, FailRP, and so on and so forth. When I am playing by myself, I would like to be able to handle rule breaking then and there, as opposed to taking screenshots or recordings and waiting until an admin gets on or sending it to them. What makes you more qualified than other applicants (50 words)? I am careful to follow every rule and every order given. I am likely to take reports whenever possible, although I will of course appreciate being able to roleplay occasionally. That said, if ever I am the only staff online, I will stay on duty at least until another staff member gets on and becomes active. What are some of your strong points of being an administration? I tend to be on duty a lot of the time that I am able to, and when taking reports I make sure to get all sides of any story I am told. As I stated before, I will take reports almost any time I can. Make a list of all warnings you have within the server. Infecting Non-Class D's x2, NLR, and Exploitation. Other Comments: I was warned for exploitation on account of the fact that while Pepper Saltine was on the server he was using the Tackle SWep to get SCP SWeps, and I was a part of it for a short while. I'm not saying I didn't deserve the warning, but I just want to make it clear what happened.
  7. +1 Would love to see you as staff
  8. Thank you <3 @jmdrebot
  9. Get on team speak we already voted and talked abut it.
  10. Wrong person... :
  11. How?
  12. DENIED
  13. DENIED not being a buzz kill is not a good strong point
  14. DENIED
  15. DENIED
  16. Well thanks you guys
  17. DENIED Sorry but you need to be seen more active before we accept you, try again in the next 5 days.
  19. Accepted
  20. Accepted
  22. Accepted
  23. +1 I rooting for you
  24. Last week
  25. +1 Do I need to explain myself for this plus one? Shes a great person, very helpful, would make a great addition to the staff team; and @Shadow mine are blue O_O
  26. +1 I see you on often; your application overall looks good. All your information is correct, you have one warn for FRP like you said and you have plenty of play time on the server. Goodluck
  27. +1 Well written application with good strong points, reasoning, and experience with being staff on other servers, but I agree with Shadow, your grammar could use some work on it. I have met you in game and you are a friendly person who doesn't get involved with petty ideals, you have a great attitude and even though you got denied last time, you were still devoted to become staff, and I admire that. I wish you the best of luck on your application!(PS:We're going over apps today, so try to be on the server ;3)
  28. Sorry I Was Gone For So Long I Was At A Summer Camp My Parents Made My Go To But Im Back And Will Be Back On ASAP
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