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  • Announcements

    • BCBEST

      Admin Abuse Bans   12/28/2016

      Starting now, any administrative abuse will result in a 5 month ban. Any purchases will not be refunded and you will not be able to appeal the ban. If you feel something might be abusive, contact a higher up (manager and higher).   Not all abuse will result in such a ban; it will be decided case by case. 
    • BCBEST

      The Purge Server   01/18/2017

      After extensive research and analysis, I have found a large source of the lag to be from the map. The purge server will be down for roughly 1 week in order to better optimize the server and the map.
    • BCBEST

      New Community Ban and Impersonation   01/18/2017

      As of today, Advert will be receiving a community ban. They have been working together and impersonating myself on the TeamSpeak. Because of TeamSpeak's shitty client ID's, they will continue to evade bans via there. However, they are no longer welcome on our servers as well.    Due to TeamSpeaks accessibility to change names, people have been impersonating me. Anything I tell you to do will be over voice. If someone contacts you via TeamSpeak with my name, shoot me a steam message and I will say if it was me or not. Else, don't comply with their orders.    EDIT: Larry has yet to be proved guilty; thus not yet receiving the ban. 
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  • Our Servers

      Status IP Address Server Name Current Map Players More
    gmod Online [SPD] | The Purge | UPDATED 01/16 rp_downtown_tdrp_v1
    # Player Nickname Score Time Played
    DILLIGAF Bitch?! 0 frags 18 minutes and 46 seconds
    [SPD] BC BEST™ 0 frags 23 minutes and 31 seconds
    [SPD] CampSkullz321 0 frags 19 minutes and 53 seconds
    gmod Online [SPD] | SCP-RP | New Server | New Map
    { { { { { { { { {
    # Player Nickname Score Time Played
    silvertalon2 27 frags 35 minutes
    Abu Hajaar 12 frags 35 minutes and 12 seconds
    jakeson1790 11 frags 34 minutes and 58 seconds
    Mr.Silver 6 frags 21 minutes and 10 seconds
    tevita 5 frags 35 minutes and 10 seconds
    Maxximico 3 frags 33 minutes and 19 seconds
    Seventharm 1 frag 34 minutes and 48 seconds
    TriggeredBleach 1 frag 34 minutes and 21 seconds
    💗Stacie 4 the win💗 1 frag 28 minutes and 42 seconds
    Bobcat 0 frags 34 minutes and 57 seconds
    Jc1317cj 0 frags 10 minutes and 16 seconds
    KarmaTurtle 0 frags 35 minutes and 14 seconds
    Meem 0 frags 35 minutes and 14 seconds
    Moofin 0 frags 12 minutes and 18 seconds
    Mr.killwolf666 0 frags 35 minutes and 13 seconds
    RoyalWT 0 frags 30 minutes and 14 seconds
    Sheep Boy 0 frags 35 minutes and 12 seconds
    iPrymz 0 frags 14 minutes and 31 seconds
    pewdzdude 0 frags 34 minutes and 55 seconds
    the blue lemon 0 frags 33 minutes and 58 seconds
    the real jason voorhes 0 frags 19 minutes and 37 seconds
    xD.rar 0 frags 34 minutes and 4 seconds
    ✯LameFlames✯ 0 frags 17 minutes and 30 seconds
    Killer5150 -1 frags 35 minutes and 6 seconds
    Retarded Sprinklez -1 frags 35 minutes and 13 seconds
    Scrook -1 frags 35 minutes and 3 seconds
    bibby6579 -3 frags 33 minutes and 35 seconds
    TheRealMr.Krabs -7 frags 35 minutes and 7 seconds
    40 / 120
    Total Servers: 2 Online Servers: 2 Total Players: 40 Total Slots: 120 Most Players: 120 Last Updated:


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